Update: New details in Green Bay Institution stabbing

Posted at 10:50 PM, Jun 30, 2016

New details are surfacing tonight about three staff members at the Green Bay Correctional Institution who were attacked by an inmate with a shank on Wednesday.

Two staffers were stabbed and another injured during the fight that broke out and today NBC26 is hearing from inside sources that employee shortages and lack of communication between guards and management is part of what contributed to the attack.

No charges have been filed against the prisoner that attacked staff on Wednesday just yet. But we are hearing from people who know employees on the inside of the correctional institute who tell us the attack could have possibly been prevented.

Going on camera and talking about the some of the problems at the Green Bay Correctional Institution could cost someone their job. But some with close ties to those who work on the inside fear for their safety and feel compelled to say something.

"The fact that they can't be safe is just unacceptable," says a source who will remain unnamed due to concerns of other losing their jobs at the facility.

By concealing this persons identity they felt free to tell us about their concerns for their loved ones on the inside.

"I know that the security measures aren't what they could be and given that the attacks have happened, and there have been three in less than a year, I think it's glaringly obvious that it's not as secure as it really should be."

Today we learned from another additional trusted source who works at the institution that Wednesday's attack could have been prevented. They told NBC26 that the man who attacked guards had two shanks on him and he was being released from administrative segregation after his time was served. But before he was released he told guards once he was let out he would attack them. But our source says the guards couldn't convince management that he was still a threat to them and their coworkers.

"I think that we haven’t had enough discussion about safety measures for people that work there."

And today we're also hearing that if the institution was better staffed at the overcrowded facility, this may have never happened.

The Department of Corrections told us today that it's their practice to review significant incidents... to determine if changes can be made to enhance security. We'll have to wait and see if the DOC changes any policies regarding communication between guards and management on the account of this incident.

As the state continues to deal with a correction officer shortage they have raised wages to try and draw more officers to the profession. No word at this hour from the DOC if that's part of what lead to this assault.