Three firefighters injured in Sturgeon Bay fire

Posted at 11:15 AM, Feb 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-13 21:52:16-05

Three firefighters were injured while fighting a fire at an apartment complex in Sturgeon Bay early this morning.

It broke out around 4 AM in the 800 block of S. Oxford Avenue.

Officials on the scene tell NBC26 that one firefighter fell where the ceiling gave way in one of the apartments.

The entire complex has been evacuated and now the American Red Cross is assisting those residents. More than a dozen have been left without a home. The complex is also trying to help find accommodations for those people during this time.

Firefighters say fighting fires in extreme cold temperatures like this is difficult due to the extreme physical exhaustion they can experience and freezing cold water.

Some people are looking to go back to the apartments to retrieve any items they can, as the fire caused significant damage.

The cause of the fire has yet to be determined.