Brussels terror attack raises airport concerns

Posted at 7:01 PM, Mar 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-23 08:50:53-04

After the terrorist attacks in Brussels Tuesday, airport security once again moved to the front of travelers' minds. Nonetheless, while those in the Fox Valley may have been nervous about those attacks, it didn't keep them from flying.

"They do all they can to prevent it," said Steve Haskins, a traveler from Green Bay. "You can't stop all the bad apples."

The security measures to get into the terminals are well known, but what about in the check-in area? That's where the attacks at the Brussels airport happened.

"We use the standard Department of Homeland Security public safety message: if you see something, say something," said Abe Weber, Appleton International Airport Director.

The Appleton Airport has a multi-layered approach to security, Weber explained.

"We consider our entire airport team a part of our airport security program," he said.

Some travelers say there could be more measures, though, like there were after September 11th.

"I think they should have armed [U.S. military members], in my opinion," said Christopher Graham from Green Bay. "I think that would make a lot of people feel at ease and safe."

The Appleton International Airport is also doing something else to help passengers feel at ease. It recently partnered with the Fox Valley Humane Association to start a program where therapy dogs walk through the terminals and visit nervous passengers.

"I feel like it's going to give a lot more security to people," said Amy Prahl, Volunteer Coordinator at the Fox Valley Human Association. "With everything happening in the world, to keep them flying, keep them going."

It's great timing for a program that could help nervous travelers on an especially scary day to fly.

Appleton Airport administration would not comment on specific security measures, but said they're doing everything they can to keep people safe.