Teen helps family heal after tragic crash in Brown County

BRILLION, WI -- It's been one month since a mother of three was killed in a crash in Brown County. 

Weeks later, the family is still trying to cope with the loss of their loved one taken far too soon. 

Through all the pain, a shining light has helped three young boys and a mourning husband to continue on. 

On April 6th, three boys under the age of six survived a crash with a dump truck in the Town of Holland. 

Tragically their mother died at the scene. 

Now their cousin, Kendra Mraz, has stepped up to help as these children struggle to live life without the one person they thought would always be there. 

Kendra Mraz is 16-years-old. 

Her three little cousins are her favorite people in the world. 

"They've always had a special place in my heart," said Kendra Mraz. 

Wyatt, 6, Wesley, 4, and Wiley, 1, have suffered an incredible loss. 

On April 6th, a crash took the life of their mother 31-year-old Cara Klemm. 

The investigation showed Cara had failed to stop at a stop sign. 

The front of the car was hit by a fully loaded dump truck. 

Kendra said it's a miracle the boys survived the crash with only a few bumps and scrapes. 

"A human buckled me and a human buckled Wiley and we went to the hospital," said Wesley Klemm. 

"I gave them a huge hug when I saw them, they were all battered and bruised but still breathing," said Mraz. 

It is a tragic situation three young children can't even begin to understand. 

"I just love my mom," said Wyatt Klemm.

"You share your life together and you think you're going to grow old together to watch your kids grow up and be good wholesome adults someday by all of your labors, and something like this comes along and just throws it all upside down," said Teddy Klemm. 

Cara's husband, Teddy Klemm, said through all the tears and heartache, Kendra has been their rock, bringing some normalcy to impossible circumstances. 

"One of the first things that I asked her after this happened was Cara always said she felt like she was your second mom, and now that she's gone I want you to be my kid's second mom," said Teddy Klemm. 

"I've held the little guy and he's fallen asleep in my arms for hours. I can't put him down. I just hold him and look at him," said Mraz. 

Kendra's unwaivering devotion to family has helped them overcome some of their darkest days. 

The message "family is everything" is plastered on Kendra's Facebook and Instagram pages. 

"It means the world to me that they've placed me on such a high pedestal. They look up to me and I really don't want to let them down," said Mraz. 

"I think there's definitely an underlying level of trust there. The kids have a connection," said Teddy Klemm. 

It has become Kendra's main priority. She cooked meals, read bedtime stories and brought laughter back into their home. 

"I love hearing them laugh. I love seeing them smile," said Mraz. 

It's something their father never thought he would see again. 

"They've sprung back so quickly. I'm glad they're filled with joy and I"m sure that will help me in the future, but I'm so jealous of them. I wish I could move on so quickly, it's just hard," said Teddy Klemm. 

Although the family said they know their lives will never be the same, they're starting to realize life can go on. 

"Having her here has helped me find some peace with everything," said Teddy Klemm. 

The healing process can begin. 

"They're part of her. She took care of me and now it's my turn to take care of them," said Mraz. 

Kendra and her mother were in the process of moving to Brillion to be closer to her Uncle Teddy and the boys. 

Kendra said she will be at their house most days to watch them while their dad is at work. 

To donate to the Klemm family, visit this Go Fund Me page. 

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