Suspect in shooting murder case appears in court

Posted: 6:16 PM, Oct 25, 2018
Updated: 2018-10-26 11:24:30-04

Anthony Kitchenakow appeared in court Thursday for allegedly shooting Suzette Langlois in August of 2016.

Kitchenakow appeared in court via video call from the Brown County Jail. Court documents say a man showed to the home of Langlois’s boyfriend on Manitowoc Road when a man killed her while she was in the driveway.

The records say Langlois was on the phone with a friend during the incident. The friend says there was a lot yelling, followed by the words "No, no don’t".

Court documents say Langlois and her boyfriend were drug users who owed money to Kitchenakow. Police arrested him two months ago. He has been charged with three felony counts including first degree homicide.

Kitchenakow next court date is set for November 7th. Court documents say, if he is convicted, Kitchenakow faces up to life in prison.