Suspect in Lambeau Field incident set for trial

Appearing in person, but still in custody, Chay Vang on Thursday heard attorney's recall the incident that landed him behind bars.

Witness testimony described events from December 22. They're also detailed inside a criminal complaint. The complaint says Vang, upset about being fired, went to Lambeau Field to confront two former co-workers. Prosecutors say Vang repeatedly rammed his car into a car that the co-workers were getting out of it.

"He smashed into that vehicle several times, so much so that the vehicle was pushed ahead four spaces and underneath another car," Prosecuting Attorney David Lasee said.

Vang's defense argued against felony charges of recklessly endangering safety. She says the former co-workers had already left the car, and one of them tried getting into the car that Vang was driving.

"So that would leave me to believe they did not fear for their safety if he was trying to climb into the vehicle of Mr. Vang," Attorney Trisha Fritz said.

Ultimately a judge found enough cause to move Vang's case to a trial. It will begin with an arraignment later this month.

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