Suspect charged with murder in Hobart fire case

Posted at 4:27 PM, Jun 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-07 09:52:39-04
Nearly one year after a house fire killed an 89-year-old Hobart man, charges are finally filed tonight.
47-year-old Roni Coonen Anderson is facing one count of Felony Murder by arson in the death of Harold Ambrosius. She also faces one count Arson for another fire in Hobart months later
Now, DNA evidence suggests Ambrosius and Anderson's relationship might have turned sexual. 
The 39-page criminal complaint. contains months of eyewitness interviews, and scene descriptions, but still has no clear motive. But it says Anderson would occasionally clean the victim's house,and keep him company. 
The complaint says eyewitnesses remember seeing two separate fires: one in Ambrosius's home, and another in his detached garage, which was later determined "incendiary" in nature.
Neighbors say they also noticed Anderson outside the home during the fire, hovering over Ambrosious's body, "wailing," but adding they "never saw any tears," even describing her distress as "an act". 
Anderson tells police she was picked up by Ambrosius an hour before the fire to clean his home, though family deny knowing her. 
She also claims to have dragged the unconscious victim from the home after discovering "black" smoke in the kitchen.
In court today, prosecutors claim Anderson is a danger to the community, saying "she clearly has a propensity to start fires." 
"And that's where the real issue lies," agreed the judge, granting $100,000 cash bond. 
"The complaint contains only allegations at this point," added Anderson's attorney. 
But many details are still unclear tonight.
Anderson, who had been drinking that night, even blowing a .15 blood alcohol level on a breathalyzer at the scene of the deadly June fire, claims she feels Ambrosius "tried to kill her" in the fire.
And a test of the victim's underwear allegedly worn that night shows DNA from both Ambrosius, and Anderson, though there's no explanation as to "why." 
Ambrosious's family denied to comment on camera after court today, along with neighbors. But they did say they're happy the case is finally moving forward.
Anderson is also charged with setting fire to an office building at a Hobart quarry site in October of last year.
She'll be back in court this Friday.