Student journalists inform public through Pulaski News

Posted: 8:48 PM, Dec 07, 2017
Updated: 2017-12-07 21:48:34-05

The longest running school newspaper in the country is in Pulaski. Future journalists gather in one classroom to learn the basics.

"We get to share our writing with the entire community," said Senior Jaclyn Willems.

The Pulaski News newspaper is run by the school but is available to the entire community. Instructor Emily Alger-Feser, a Pulaski High School alum, said it's great to be back.

"Pulaski is built up of pride and tradition, that's two words we use a lot. Now being able to help them, this is an awesome group of people. It just kind of feels great to be back here again and doing something not just for the school and district, but for the whole community."

Senior Brooke Steeno said, along with writing, there's another aspect of journalism she loves.

"I really like talking to all of the different people. You find a lot of cool, inspirational stories of people that you don't really know but they live right next door to you."

Alger-Feser tries to get students out of their comfort zones.

"I like interviewing people. You get to see people in the community. You get to see all of these different events that you never even knew," said Willems.

Pulaski News has been running strong for 80 years. With the dedication of students like these, it should be around for many more years to come.