Storms snap trees, damage roofs in Oconto County

Posted at 10:37 PM, Jul 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-01 23:37:29-04

Some of the storms that ripped through the area Sunday did a lot of damage, especially in northern Oconto County.

"You didn't see nothing but the wind and the rain coming at you," said Wanda Hamel.  

Hamel and her daughter-in-law Stacy McGill surveyed the damage after violent storms ripped through the Town of Mountain. 

"It didn't show no mercy when it hit that's for sure," said Hamel. 

Late in the afternoon, the family was still waiting on a call.

“Family members went out rafting,” said Hamel. “We still haven’t heard from them.

Hamel and McGill say they were standing on the backyard patio when the storm hit, but it hit so quickly, they didn't have time to get to the outdoor entrance to the basement. All they could do was run to the safest part of the house.

"We have a little office, and we sat in there, and waited for it to pass. It sounded like a freight train going over," said Hamel. 

Finally, the call comes. 

"You guys need to get home,” said McGill to her husband. “I love you."

Everyone is safe and it's time to get to work, but they're not alone. 

"A community that comes together to check and see if you're ok is awesome. And we've got offers from people to come over and help clean it up. And that'd be the greatest thing," said Hamel. 

But now, the family has a chance to take a deep breath and even smile about a dangerous day.