Statewide point in time count in Brown County

Statewide point in time count in Brown County
Posted at 4:01 AM, Jul 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-26 06:18:33-04

Volunteers in Brown County were out for the statewide point in time count. 

They searched for people living on the streets or in their vehicles. 

The goal is to get an accurate count of homeless people living in our community and give them resource information and a backpack filled with hygiene supplies, food and water. 

"We had two families who were found tonight. Both of them had 3 minor children with them as young as 3-years-old," said Tami Brownell, Program Director with the New Community Shelter. "Right now in our community we don't have any immediate housing options or emergency shelter options for families. 

The count ended at 5 a.m. Thursday. 

Leaders said 25 people were counted in Brown County.