'Zombie Trees' might be the scariest thing in your yard

Thanks to unusual Wisconsin weather this year, many trees have become "zombie trees". They look healthy but are actually dead and can be a big safety risk.
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Posted at 11:04 AM, Nov 01, 2023

MILWAUKEE — While we're past Halloween season, some zombies are still among us. Thanks to some unusual Wisconsin weather this year, many trees have become "zombie trees" which are trees that look healthy — but are actually dead.

Justin Bence is a certified arborist in the Milwaukee area who says the heavy, wet snow that blanketed the state in early spring is leading to the discovery of more zombie trees.

"Once leaf weight comes on board or other weather issues, now that fracture or that impact that the previous storm had, can cause significant damage," Bence explained.

There are some ways to spot a "zombie tree". Fungi growth on the trunk can be a sign of trouble and so can a hollow trunk. Sick or damaged trees are capable of toppling without warning and you can quickly find yourself in a scary situation.

"The best part of my job and the worst part of my job is that nothing is guaranteed in mother nature," added Bence who works for The Davey Tree Expert Company.

If you're not sure if you have a problem on your property, many arborists will come out and survey your trees for free.