Stephen Colbert tells Sheboygan to 'suck it'

Stephen Colbert on insult war with Trump: 'I won'
Posted at 11:07 AM, Jul 02, 2024

In Today's Talker — A late night talk show host is taking shots at another Wisconsin city.

In response to former President Donald Trump allegedly calling Milwaukee a "horrible city," Stephen Colbert joked that Milwaukee is the Paris of Wisconsin on a recent episode of The Late Show.

Colbert then told Sheboygan to "suck it"!

Colbert went on to show a scene from Jaws where the audio is changed to have a man being attacked by a shark and yelling that he should have moved to Sheboygan.

Mayor Ryan Sorenson told local reporters he wasn't offended by the comments. In fact, the city is planning on inviting Colbert to Sheboygan. City leaders are also sending him a care package with a "Malibu of the Midwest" t-shirt.

Back in 2020, Colbert joked about Milwaukee and then came to the city on an apology tour.

You can watch the full Today's Talker above.