Sheboygan Music Series kicks off tonight

What to know about this free event
Sheboygan Music Series
Posted at 11:45 AM, Jun 20, 2024

SHEBOYGAN — The City Green in the heart of Sheboygan used to be a rundown parking lot with an empty hardware store.

Now it's a lush grass concert venue which is perfect for festivities like the Sheboygan Music Series — a ten-week lineup of live music...for free!

The event, hosted by the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, is celebrating its ninth year.

"It’s a really important catalyst for creating a sense of belonging in the city," said Arts Center Curator Marielle Allschwang.

Local and internationally-headlining artists are featured in the series. Thursday's kickoff brings New York-based group "Olatuja" to town, just one of many stops on their tour.

Alicia and Michael Olatuja, former spouses turned good friends, say it's their love of music that keeps their bond strong.

“For me, I know that this music has just this magical, visceral reaction where you can’t help but get up and move and dance," Alicia gushed. "And you can feel it in the music — the healing, the joy, and the happiness. We want people to surrender into that and receive the respite that music like that brings.”

They just released their new album last week, a fusion of gospel, jazz, and Afrobeats among others.

Alicia and Michael Olatuja

The Olatujas agree that an outdoor space is the best way to get the full experience of live music.

“Kids can just run around and feel the joy of the music and allow it to just give them the freedom that we feel we create music like this. And that happens in a special way outside than it does indoors.”

Food trucks, a beverage tent, and art-making will also be on-site.

The show starts at 6 p.m. on Thursday.