Sade Robinson Investigation: Blood inside Maxwell Anderson's home was not Robinson's

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Posted at 12:34 PM, Apr 23, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-23 13:34:34-04

MILWAUKEE — Maxwell Anderson, the man accused of killing and mutilating 19-year-old Sade Robinson, is heading for a jury trial after he waived his right to a preliminary hearing on Monday, April 22.

Anderson pleaded not guilty to the charges against him in Robinson's death.

In court Monday, we learned new evidence has come to light involving Robinson.

According to a criminal complaint, blood located on bedding in one of the bedrooms in Anderson's home and on the walls leading towards the basement, originally believed to be Robinson's, does not match Robinson's DNA.

Maxwell Anderson home

"It indicates that the preliminary DNA supports the conclusion that there is no support for inclusion of Robinson's DNA in the blood, or swabs that have been tested," Assistant District Attorney, Ian Vance-Curzan, said Monday.

The state did not clarify whose blood it is.

The state added this information to the original criminal complaint filed on April 12th, which is the main document of probable cause to charge Anderson.

Anderson is facing the following charges:

  • First-degree intentional homicide
  • Mutilating a corpse
  • Arson of property other than a building

"This case in particular just, I guess, it caused so much emotions to rise to the surface for all the girls that are missing. He was a troller. He trolled the bars, he trolled the internet, he trolled the neighborhoods, and he was looking for girls like Sade, and he found one if not many," April Bentley said.
Bentley's the founder of Rubies, a non-profit organization that specializes in sex trafficking, intervention awareness and prevention. She said she works with ladies as young as 11 and up to the age of 22.

"I'm a community mom, so when they walk through the door, they're. my girls and that's how I saw Sade, as one of my girls," Bentley explained.

Bentley was also in the courtroom Monday and said it was emotional being there and seeing Anderson in person.

Documents indicate Robinson and Anderson had some sort of relationship. Documents detail the two of them went on a date on April 1st.

A scheduling conference is set for Anderson on May 16.