Roof snow removal more crucial with warmer temps expected

Posted at 2:30 PM, Jan 22, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-22 17:02:57-05

You may have cleared the snow off your sidewalk, driveway and car but have you finished your roof?

Jesse Lofgren has been doing ice dam and snow removal from roofs for more than 20 years and he said when untreated, the trapped moisture can cause water to leak into a home.

“They don’t realize it’s a problem until it’s too late,” Lofgren said. “Until they got damage to their home, water pouring through the ceiling and things like that.”

As president of the Ice Damn Steaming Association, Lofgren wants to help people avoid that.

He recommends homeowners survey their property for warning signs like icicles coming down the siding or through the soffit behind the gutters.

These can indicate a larger issue which is especially critical as warmer temps move in next week.

“Any little bit of water that you might see in your ceiling now, it could turn into a faucet,” Lofgren said.

He also said the potential trouble doesn't end there.

In the worst cases, heavy piles of snow can strain buildings, leading to structural damage and even roof collapse.

If you see warning signs, Lofgren recommends calling in a professional to save yourself some trouble when the freeze finally breaks.

"These conditions are some of the most dangerous conditions that we've ever seen,” he said. "I do not recommend homeowners try to do anything on their roofs themselves other than roof raking from the safety of the ground."

He also said with the warmer temperatures expected next week, he’s offering emergency water leak stoppage services through his business and expects to serve ten to 15 homes a day.