'I've lost faith': Voters express mixed opinions ahead of President Biden's Milwaukee visit

Opinions of President Joe Biden and his efforts as president are a mixed bag
Joe Biden
Posted at 10:58 AM, Dec 20, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-20 11:58:27-05

MILWAUKEE — Air Force One has touched down in Milwaukee. President Joe Biden is visiting Cream City to talk "Bidenomics" as he continues his push to get voters in his corner for next year's election.

As it stands now, opinions of Biden and his efforts as president are a mixed bag. While some are confidently in favor...

"I like him," voter Jim Bingham said. "I'm a fan of President Biden."

Others say plainly...

"I think he's old," voter Connor Servais said. "I don't think he can really communicate."

While President Biden prepares for what is bound to be another tight race in Wisconsin, his nationwide approval ratings are reaching new lows.

For voter Lois Rostkarwki, those ratings aren't a deciding factor in who she will be voting for.

"I have mixed feelings," she said. "I am not happy with the current decisions that are being made regarding war and military."

On the other hand, Bingham has no doubt Biden is the right person for another four years in office.

"It's just such a negative world right now and I feel like Joe is the right positive person that we need in that role right now," he said. "I think his heart’s in the right place and I think they’re doing the right thing."

For younger voters, like Servais, the president's time in office hasn't convinced him he's the best pick for the Oval Office.

"I'm underwhelmed," Servais said. "There aren't changes being made really, they're not impactful, important changes."

Servais admitted his doubts extend past which two candidates will be on next year's ballot, stating, "I've kind of lost faith in the political system."

As Biden makes his final trip to the Badger State in 2023 to tout Bidenomics and his support for small businesses, he will be aiming to turn those undecided voters in his favor.

The question now is, will mixed voter approval in Wisconsin's most populous county, change the trajectory of next year's election? Only time will tell.