Gov. Evers signs new law to address gaps in Amber Alert system at Prince McCree's school

Prince McCree
Posted at 1:05 PM, Apr 09, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-09 14:05:47-04

Governor Tony Evers just signed a new bill into law aimed at addressing gaps in the Amber Alert System.

The bill was created after the deaths of two children highlighted issues in the system — including Milwaukee's Prince McCree. Evers signed the bill at Hawley Environmental School, where Prince was a student.

Prince McCree

While attending classes there, Prince was known for his energy and love of Spider-Man. Governor Evers hopes the new law will prevent more tragic deaths like his, and 10-year-old Lily Peters of Chippewa Falls.

Prince's mother reported him missing last year. MPD's request for an Amber Alert was denied at the time — and Prince was found a day later.

The Prince Act looses criteria to issue alerts for missing children, utilizing the emergency alert system to mobilize communities and to search for missing children. The new alert will apply to children 10 years and younger, along with children under 18 who have disabilities that prevent them from coming home.

Prince's family was present at the emotional bill signing.

Darron McCree and Jordan Barger
Darron McCree and Jordan Barger are Prince McCree's parents. They hope this new law will help save the lives of other children.

"I'm just relieved that the bill is being passed because it's going to be so much help for so many more children that needs the help," said Darron McCree, the boy's father. "It's another way for him to be a hero."

State Senator LaTonya Johnson was a major force behind getting this law passed. She says she wants to call it the Purple Alert in honor of Lily Peters.