Former Wis. soldier's texts support attempted murder charge, show desire to be serial killer, prosecutors say

Text messages reveal his desire to be a serial killer, and admitting he left a box in the woods near her house to find, which contained a "knife, rope, and serial killer costume."
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Posted at 9:21 AM, Nov 10, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-10 10:21:58-05

GREENFIELD — A now-former U.S. Army soldier from Greenfield is charged with attempted murder after prosecutors say he admitted to stalking and wanting to kill a woman he went to high school with.

Stuart Rutowski, 18, is facing one felony count of attempted first-degree intentional homicide. If convicted, he faces a maximum of 60 years in prison.

U.S. Army officials at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, where Rutowski was stationed, were notified that he was stalking and threatening a woman, and has a history of "dark thought and ideations," according to a criminal complaint.

Rutowski said he was reported for stalking the woman in high school and had sent her text messages, but her father told him to stop. The complaint says he would also give the woman unwanted gifts, but she blocked him and told him to stop.

A U.S. Army official was given permission to search Rutowski's phone and found text messages where he admitted to leaving a box in the woods near her house to find, and that the box contained a "knife, rope, and serial killer costume."

Rutowski's parents were also concerned about text messages he sent them. According to the complaint, the text messages include:

Father: “and eventually given the opportunity u will try and kill her”

Defendant: “Eventually yes”

Step-Mother: “Yes I told her. I can’t handle this alone, I’m about to lose it.

Defendant: should I send her The apology video, preparation picture, box in the woods, the bad conversation with her, and/or her father’s response?”

Step-Mother: You can. You can fight against acting out the thoughts”

Defendant: “You know I was planning to kill her 6 days before I left for BCT? I made apology videos But she wasn’t home. Didn’t get another opportunity before I left”

Additional texts include Rutowski stating that "living the dream helped me realize that no matter what I won't stop wanting to kill," that he wants to be a serial killer, but can't start until he kills her.

Several videos were found on Rutowski's phone, including him showing off a black gown and gloves, a mask, and a large buck knife. He allegedly said he was unable to find a mask like "Ghost Face," the killer in the Scream movies.

Another video shows Rutowski telling his 3-year-old sister that "killing is in your blood, don't let me down." He also tells his parents that he is doing this voluntarily and that it could have been prevented because he told his family and friends his intentions to kill the girl he was stalking, the complaint says.

In a separate video, Rutowski explains his plan to kill the girl didn't work out because she was not home, but he "stopped by several times." He voiced his intention to get her again, and if it didn't work out, he would get her in his car and kill her.

During a search of his room at Fort Huachuca, authorities found a notebook containing the word "kill" written several times, a picture of a person in jail, and a short story about "Anthony" meeting the girl of his dreams and shooting a "pink girl." There was also a drawing of "Ghost Face" holding a girl by the neck, and "stab" written multiple times in the background.

A cash bond for Rutowski was set at $250,000 on Monday. He returns to court on Nov. 14 for a preliminary hearing.