Dad who says marijuana helps son's chronic symptoms "thrilled" about proposed plan to legalize medicinal pot

"This shouldn't even be, Republican, Democrat, this is about medicine. This is about quality of life," said Ron Giordan.
Gio Giordan
Posted at 8:21 AM, Jan 09, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-09 09:21:33-05

MILWAUKEE — As Republicans unveil their plan to legalize medical marijuana, some who would benefit from the use of the marijuana to treat chronic illnesses feel "thrilled" and "shocked".

Madison resident Ron Giordan's son, Gio, has a rare seizure disorder called Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

"He used to have upwards of 80 to 100 seizures per day. It was debilitating," said Ron.

He said this proposed bill could allow access to marijuana gummies that help with Gio's symptoms.

"We don't know how long Gio's going to be with us because this seizure disorder, rarely do people live past their 20s. He's 18," said Ron.

Ron told reporter Ryan Jenkins that he travels to other states, where marijuana is legal, to get medicinal marijuana gummies for his son. The gummies helped to nearly stop Gio's daily seizures.

Ryan Jenkins: "Are there other things that you can do to limit the seizures? Why are the gummies your go to?"

Ron Giordan: "Medicines don't work. Gio has been on every seizure medication that is out there, sometimes three at a time, and it just progressively got worse."

Due to the current state law in Wisconsin, that journey over the state line to bring back marijuana is illegal. The plan unveiled Monday could change that.

"I'm glad I won't have to worry about prison for giving my son medicine. It's silly that it has taken this long," said Ron.

And Ron knows, from conversations he'd had with many others, that his family is not alone.

"All this other people with epilepsy can take this and it will help them," said Ron.

And, when Ron looks to other states, he says he hopes this is only the first step in legalizing pot for both medicinal and recreational use.

"You can see all these states, not only are they making a lot of money but they're doing the right thing," he said.

In the meantime, this news "thrills" Ron, as he thinks about the years he has left with his son.

"This shouldn't even be, Republican, Democrat, this is about medicine. This is about quality of life," said Ron.