Committee provides planning process update for next year's Republican National Convention

Anne Hathaway is responsible for guiding the 168 members of the GOP's committee through the convention
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Posted at 9:44 AM, Dec 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-14 10:44:31-05

MILWAUKEE — Imagine having to throw a party for 50,000 people.

You'll need everything from figuring out where people are going to stay, what they're going to do, and where they're going to eat.

That's what Milwaukee is getting ready to do in less than eight months when our city welcomes the 2024 Republican National Convention.

One of the people behind it all is Anne Hathaway, who runs the Committee on Arrangements.

“We're considering transportation routes, how to get our delegates to and from the arena and into downtown, thinking through how we make sure businesses are open and available and that people can get to work,” said Hathaway.

Downtown business owners like Andrew Fish need to know those details.

He runs State Street Pizza Pub, which is just steps from the heart of the RNC, Fiserv Forum.

Fish just opened his shop this summer.

While this is his first time planning for an event this big, he says he's already figuring out the logistics for next year but is anxiously awaiting more details.

“It's an opportunity for business, hands down. They're talking 200 plus million into the economy next year, I personally want to get some of that,” said Fish.

Hathaway is responsible for guiding the 168 members of the party's committee through the convention from start to finish.

She got the job after being part of the group that chose Milwaukee as next year's host city.

Right now, Hathaway and her team are working their way through some of those issues, particularly how to house the thousands of people coming to town.

“We have over 15,000 hotel rooms under contract, thinking through the game of Tetris to put together where everyone's going to stay,” said Hathaway.

Hathaway says while the details are still being worked out, those who live and work in the downtown area should be prepared for some changes, but plenty of guidance along the way.

“We're not ready to roll out a lot of information because it will change over the next six months. What I can assure you is that we are putting together the plans to make sure that this is a successful convention,” said Hathaway.

Hathaway says more concrete details are expected to be announced after the new year.