Small Towns: National Mustard Museum

Posted: 10:19 AM, Mar 27, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-27 11:31:35-04
Small Towns: National Mustard Museum

The National Mustard Museum is a place that you can taste and marvel in, with thousands of different flavored condiments.  

In downtown Middleton, there’s a tribute to one of the world’s favorite condiments at a place that has been only been expanding for 16 years.

“Surprisingly we don’t have every mustard made,” said Barry Levinson, founder.

At the museum you can find more than 6000 mustards from every corner of the globe on display.

“We have mustards from Amsterdam to Zimbabwe so yeah there’s nothing quite like this anywhere in the world,” said Levinson.

Every state across the US is represented here too with their own flavor and style of mustards.

“There’s not just yellow mustard and brown mustard and Dijon mustard, there’s honey mustard and garlic mustard and fruit mustards and herb mustards and deli mustards and beer mustards,” said Levinson.

While in the museum you can only look at the vast array of exotic flavors. Upstairs in the gift shop, you’ll have a chance to taste hundreds of different takes on the condiment at the largest mustard tasting bar on the planet.

“I mean you go to the shoe store and you want to try on the shoes, same thing here. And people can taste until they drop and sometimes they do,” said Levinson. 
This museum is more than just a place to taste 100’s of different types of mustard. It’s also educational.

“Here at America’s Mustard College people will gather to learn but mostly to sing the Poupon-U fight song,” said Levinson. “On our hotdogs, on our bratwursts mustard is so cool, never mayo never ketchup they against the rules. Eat lunch!”

So if you want to get educated on the history of mustard and walk the very hallway of thousands of other mustard enthusiasts have before you consider checking out another one of a kind attraction that Wisconsin has to offer in a community on the cutting edge of the mustard revolution.

“It is the world’s only all mustard all mustard vending machine and I predict one day you’ll see this on every corner,” said Levinson.