Silent witness dedicated to Sara Schmidt

Posted at 10:32 PM, Oct 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-02 11:27:40-04

The story of Sara Schmidt is one that her friends say can be hard to tell.

"It was definitely a struggle," friend Melanie Jayjack said.

Schmidt is a victim, but she's also so much more.

"She was a loving mother, a loving daughter, and a very energetic person who loved life," Jayjack said.

Monday, that story came with a moment of silence. The community paused and lit candles.

Earlier this year, a different light filled the sky - the red and blue of police. In January, Sara was shot and killed by her husband. She had filed for divorce just days before. As the months go by, emotions linger.

"I don't know that it gets easier, but I think that there's different things that come," friend Melinda Clausen said. "I think we're always going to be a little bit angry in general, I think that's normal. We're always going to miss her."

The story of Sara Schmidt will be remembered. Monday night, Harbor House helped dedicate her silent witness. It reads, "a great mother, a great daughter, a great person who loved life and people."

Now, that story can't be silenced.

"She's not back with us, but there's something there that has left her mark, has her name," Jayjack said.

"We're healing, and I think this was a good step in the healing direction," Clausen said.