Roof issues continue after winter storm

DE PERE, Wis. - De Pere High School is the latest of several buildings to face roof issues after the winter storm brought heavy, wet snow.

Wednesday, the school evacuated the gym after somebody noticed a sagging curtain.

Crews spent part of the afternoon trying to get snow off of the roof with snow blowers and shovels.

District leaders said that a structural engineer will come in and evaluate the roof.

The engineer will also look at the roof of an intermediate school.

The district will then make any needed repairs before letting students backs in.

“Our community uses the gyms a lot during the winter months and after school” superintendent Benjamin Villarruel said. “We have a lot of activities, as we’re speaking we’re trying to shuffle them into other areas of the district.”

Officials hope the gym won’t interfere with this weekend’s prom activities. 

The gym issue is likely to impact sports further after the storm moved teams inside.

Elsewhere, other buildings continue to deal with roofs that caved in or collapsed during the weekend.

The Green Bay Metro bus station is operating for passengers, but the lobby is closed as crews work to clear snow off of the roof.

Metro officials hope to have the snow cleared by the end of the week.

The process will take much longer at the EconoLodge in Ashwaubenon.

The roof there collapsed during the weekend storm.

Crews were there Wednesday clearing off snow from the collapsed roof. 

Then, efforts will turn to cleanup.

Hotel managers said they don’t know when they will be able to re-open the hotel.

Nobody was hurt in the incidents during the weekend or at De Pere High School.

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