Repairs unfinished after violent Easter crash

GREEN BAY, Wis. - The nightmares went on for weeks after half-of-a-car struck Scott Norback’s west Green Bay home on Easter morning.

The crash was the conclusion of a minute-long police chase; only half of the suspect’s car hit Norback’s home because a tree had cracked the vehicle in two.

“I thought a war started,” Norback said of the sound of the car’s impact.

Norback was sitting in his home’s front room.  Had the tree not slowed the car, “He would have died,” Norback’s wife Sherri said of her husband.

The morning began with Green Bay Police called to the area of 9th Street and Ashland Avenue; someone reported that a man was trying to break into cars in the area.

Police arrived to find a car driving erratically, according to Capt. Kevin Warych, a police spokesman.  The chase started when that car would not stop for police.

Police chased Shyan Wheelock, later identified as the suspect, through two red lights down 9th Street.  The pursuit ended when Wheelock crashed along 9th Street near Oneida Street.  Police dash cam shows the pursuing officer was several blocks behind Wheelock at the moment of the crash.

Attempts to reach Wheelock’s family were unsuccessful.  The Appleton Police Department investigated the crash; the Brown County District Attorney’s Office is waiting for a crash re-construction report before deciding whether the pursuit was justified, an office staff member said in an email.  The chase followed department policy, Warych said.

The brick siding of the Norbacks’ home is still cracked; the Easter morning memories will be written in those stones until repairs are completed.

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