Ralliers wear orange in push to end gun violence

Posted at 6:22 PM, Jun 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-01 19:22:24-04

Elected officials and different organizations marched from the Appleton Public Library to Congressman Mike Gallagher's office in hopes of bringing change to gun laws.

Many who showed up to Gallagher's office wore orange for 'wear orange weekend'.

It's the color hunters wear to protect themselves from danger.

It's also a color that some people said sticks out.

They dropped off cards to the Congressman's office, demanding comprehensive background checks be done for all gun transactions.

Right now many states, including Wisconsin, don't require background checks when people are selling guns privately.

"I think we all believe that if you're not part of the solution or at least looking for a solution, you're part of the problem," Appleton resident Linda Crowley said. "We've elected him to represent us, and we feel like, we need leadership."

In statement to NBC26 Congressman Gallagher said in part, "I've worked to close loopholes, strengthen school security, and provide law enforcement with the resources they need to enforce the law. I also remain fully committed to working with my colleagues in both parties, especially through my service on the homeland security committee, and fully support a joint commission to examine gun and all forms of violence."

People at the rally said they hope to get a sit down with Mike Gallagher.