Appleton peaceful protest in response to death of Jimmie Sanders

Appleton, WI. - Community members held a peaceful protest in Appleton in response to the shooting of Jimmie Sanders.

Sanders was shot and killed by police last weekend.  The officer-involved shooting happened at about 1:30 in the morning at Jack's Apple Pub in downtown Appleton.

Dozens of people gathered Saturday at Houdini Plaza in Appleton to discuss their concerns about the shooting.  The protest began with a silent prayer and then moved down College Ave. to where the shooting happened.  

"It's just bringing awareness to the truth," said Tory Lowe, a family advocate from Milwaukee.  "Nobody knows what happened to Jimmie."

Protesters believe Jimmie Sanders did not have a weapon when he was shot at Jack's Apple Pub.

"We already know that Jimmie was not the one that brandished the gun, that actually presented the gun into space," Lowe said. “We also know the gun was under a car so how did he get shot.”

Police responded to the bar after hearing reports of a shot fired. 

John Moreland who works at Muncheez Pizzeria, across from the bar, said the police were doing their job.  

 "It's just a shame someone had to die for us all to wake up," he said.

A Facebook page was started in support of Lieutenant Jay Steinke, the officer who allegedly shot Sanders.

"I would say Officer Steinke, I met him several times in the years past and he's always been a genuine kind of guy." Moreland said.

However, protestor Melissa Ludin said she has concerns, and people have a right to question Sanders' death.

"Did he deserve to get shot?" Ludin asked. "Should the police department have said 'put the weapon down’ if that was the case? There's a lot of missing facts. Where was the weapon in this case? Was it really under the car? This family has a right to know what happened to their son, their friend, this child."

Community members hope the surveillance video will help answer some of their questions about what happened.

This is still an ongoing investigation.  Appleton Police Department had to bring in an outside agency to assist.  Green Bay Police Department is investigating.  Appleton Police Department was contacted by phone and email, but was not available for comment for the story, when the story aired.


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