Propane tank explodes In appleton

Posted at 7:00 PM, Feb 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-09 08:40:48-05

Appleton – A propane tank exploded on a construction site in Appleton Monday. It happened around noon.


Earlier that morning crews on the construction site smelled gas. After inspection the site was cleared due to a propane tank leak. Shortly after, the tank exploded engulfing a frame of a new building.


The fire was not easy to control due to the high amount of construction material around Battalion Chief Joseph Strauss says.


Eventually, crews got the flames under control but, for one part of the expansion project the damage was done.

 “I believe it’s the first time we’ve ever has something like this happen” says Ben Ganther of Ganther Construction.  “It will delay the construction on that part of the building until the insurance can investigate.” He continues.


Streets around the Century Oaks Assisted Living facility were closed earlier, but is now reopened. Busses for evacuation were brought but were not needed as crews were able to get the fire under control safely.


Construction will be halted in that particular area of the expansion project, but other areas will continue.