Wisconsin Primary will matter

Posted at 6:59 PM, Mar 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-25 10:05:27-04

Political experts say Wisconsin could play a key role in the race for the White House. NBC26 unpacks months of predictions about Wisconsin’s primaries and how those who cast a vote will likely have their opinion counted.

Wisconsin's primaries are coming up on April 5th and if history is any indicator of what may happen, we might just see a candidate or two throw in the towel shortly thereafter.

We've been talking about it for months. Being that Wisconsin is the 33rd state to choose their presidential hopefuls, will our opinion matter?

"Even though we're a little late in the game it's a little more crucial because now that the field is a little more narrowed we have even more of a voice," says Jacob Immel the Chair of the College Democrats at UWGB.

At UWGB College Democrats and Republicans seem to think our votes at the primaries could make a substantial difference.

"What happens in Wisconsin on April 5th will have ramifications for the rest of the primaries that follow," adds Mitch Goettl a republican at UWGB.

And take the same question to a political science professor and they'll tell you this year's Wisconsin primary is absolutely unique compared to years past.

"It's harder for voters to pick up on who they should be supporting if they don't have a clear signal," says UWGB Assistant Professor of Political Science Aaron Weinschenk.

 Because of the fact that not all front runners are being endorsed just yet by any political party it makes the decisions made in Wisconsin more valuable. And as each state makes its own decision we inch closer to presidential nominee that's often established by now.  

"We get cues from the parties about who the nominees are going to be and eventually people fall in line. The late primaries really don't matter very much (usually)," adds Wenschenk.

And while the front runners aren't running away with a party’s nomination just yet. For the first time in recent memory Wisconsin just might make that decision a bit easier for the country.

There are no other primaries scheduled until Wisconsin's.  So the badger state will take center stage on April 5th as the nation tunes in. Especially considering that we don't share our election day with any other state.