Preparing for Holiday Traffic

Preparing for Holiday Traffic
Posted at 10:56 AM, Dec 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-20 11:56:37-05

More than 6-million Americans are expected to travel by plane this Christmas. For more than 93-million Americans they'll be doing their holiday travel on the highways. "You need to plan ahead, you need to give yourself some extra time," said Trooper John Vernon With the WI State Patrol. "We will have as many troopers out there on the roads as we can, just to ensure that everybody makes it to where they're going safely."

For drivers in this region the DOT says construction on Wisconsin 441 is the only active project.

"Really, all the other projects in Northeast Wisconsin are finished." said Mark Kantola, WISDOT.

But state Trooper John Vernon warns high winds, and blowing snow  can create treacherous conditions. "The snow will create drifts on the road. It's going to cover the road, and the snow is going to make it slippery. And there's also the black ice what you can't see," Trooper Vernon.

Drivers are urged to check their speed and be ready to respond. "So, make sure you leave a little bit of a gap between your car, and the vehicle in front of you. And slow down," said Trooper Vernon.

The Wisconsin State Patrol also recommends you have a winter kit in your car including: gloves, blanket and water.