Voters react to new voter ID law

Posted at 10:18 PM, Feb 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-16 23:21:17-05

GREEN BAY, WI -- Voters in Wisconsin today are dealing with a new law in place in time for primaries.

Everyone must show a photo ID at the polling station.
For many polling stations, their busiest moments today were the final ones, as voters raced to cast a ballot after work. 
But even that rush didn't seem to slow up the process of making sure voters had what they needed to cast a ballot for those we spoke with.
By sunset, turnout at a Green Bay polling station near the Ashwaubenon border was hovering around 15%, making it one of tonight's busier voting venues.
"It was really good," says voter Jayme Laabs, "I kind of gave myself a little extra time, and found I didn't need it at all."
Laabs and others were not sweating the new voter ID rules.
"I have a drivers license," adds Laabs, "so no, I was not concerned at all."
In Appleton and Bellevue polling stations we spoke with, more reports of minor, to no issues.
"Well, it went pretty easily," adds voter John Haberman, "I could see there could possibly be an issue when you actually have a lot of people coming out to vote."
"It's been in the news, or explained enough times where people kind of accept that you have to do it," says Green Bay pooling station Chief Inspector Lloyd Powless, "and there were plenty of options to getting ID's. There really wasn't many comments, one way or the other."
But polling station leaders say they're still worried about how a larger voter turnout in November will impact the voting process.
"When you start having to debate with people over things--it will really slow it down, and cause a problem," says Powless.
There's still one more opportunity to cast a ballot in Wisconsin before the presidential election.
Officials are urging voters to take part in April, you make sure you're ready for November.