Ay Chihuahua Coffee hopes to offer signature drinks to visitors during next summer's RNC

Nearly 30 percent of all businesses featured in the RNC vendor portal are considered diverse
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Posted at 10:48 AM, Dec 05, 2023
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SOUTH MILWAUKEE — Finding a place to share your passions can be tough.

For Rob Sanchez, the birth of Ay Chihuahua Coffee came from a thought as small as a roasting bean.

“We started that in 2018 as an idea, I had some ideas already established. Mexican coffee was one of my favorite coffees,” said Sanchez.

Rob started playing around with different flavors while still working at another cafe downtown.

At the time, his former bosses were going through health challenges and decided to give him a boost.

“They had catering equipment that they use to do special events, so she actually gave me the equipment because she couldn't work anymore and she wanted me to start a business,” said Sanchez.

Just a few years later, that small start-up is now a full-fledged and growing company that specializes in signature drinks.

Armed with his mobile coffee house, Rob says it's been busy but exciting.

“They loved the brand. They loved the name, the coffee was excellent. From that point on, we pretty much took off,” said Sanchez.

Ahead of the RNC, the Host Committee created a vendor portal that connects local businesses with attendees.

Rob says he was inspired to sign up for the portal because he wanted to share his treats with as many people as possible.

“This way, they can use it for their company or they can use it for anything that relates to the people who come in from out of town. If they come visit again, they can find us,” said Sanchez.

The Milwaukee native says it can be tough as a Hispanic small business owner to find your own path but he hopes others will give it a try.

“What do you want people to know about Ay Chihuahua as you continue to grow?” asked Elaine Rojas-Castillo.

“We can expand and show people the type of talents and ideas that we have. This way, the future generations, my grandchildren, they can grow up and they can follow in my footsteps and life is good,” said Sanchez.

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