Police Shortage in Wisconsin: State Patrol...

Posted at 5:41 PM, Mar 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-02 19:21:40-05

WRIGHTSTOWN,WI - Nationally in many areas, there is a shortage of police. That shortage is part of everyday life for Sargent Luke Newman of the Wisconsin State Patrol.

“The state patrol right now recruiting for few officers, we're actually short 91 officers right now” says Newman.

Those positions down from regular retirement but also because of past budget concerns.

“A few years ago we weren't able to hire people so now we are trying to just catch back up” Newman continues.

He says catching back up isn't easy.. especially with the national image of officers lately.

“There is a negative outlook on police officers at that time but the people who do it do a good job” he says.

A good job is what  Ethan Rehverg  wants to do; he's a student at fox valley technical college.  After a negative experience with officers he decided to make that image better

“I walked away from that experience wishing no one else had an experience like that i felt i was treated poorly” says Rehverg.

Even with the national shortage, the Fox Valley Technical College’s Public Safety Program is thriving. Aaron Tomlinson is the dead of the program. He says the numbers are actually rising, when compared to last year.

“The program numbers are very strong… In the public division as a whole the numbers are actually up.” Says Tomlinson.

Another challenge that the Wisconsin State Patrol is facing, the need for 24 hour patrol on interstate 41. But without the proper manpower this cannot happen.

It’s people like Rehverg that Sargent Newman is confident will help fill those 91positions the state patrol needs and will do the job well.