Viral video is fake, has no connection to disappearance of Kayla Berg

Posted at 4:01 AM, Oct 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-12 15:59:48-04

UPDATE: A New York-based studio that created the viral video has posted an apology to Kayla Berg's mother on Facebook.

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UPDATE: A viral video that police thought was connected to the disappearance of Kayla Berg is fake, Antigo Police said Tuesday night. 

The police department posted this note to the public just before midnight on Tuesday. 

The post explains that the police department and another agency have identified the producer/cameraman, actor and actress in the video. 

It says the video is 100% fake. 

The video was suspicious to many because it was posted two months to the day after Kayla's disappearance in 2009. 


Antigo, WI -- Antigo Police are investigating a possible new lead in the 7-year-old cold case of a missing teen. 

Police are looking for any information they can find regarding a 7-year-old YouTube video. 

On the Antigo Police Department's Facebook Page, they refer to a YouTube video that has recently gone viral and may be connected to their missing person, Kayla Berg. 

Kayla was 15-years-old when she disappeared. 

The video police are talking about is titled "Hi Walter! I got a new gf today!" 

NBC26 is choosing not to air this video or provide any links to the video because it is disturbing in nature. 

It was posted in October of 2009, exactly 2 months to the day after Kayla Berg was reported missing. 

Police say many people believe the video is connected to the case and they are actively investigating the origin of the video. 

If anyone has any information about the video or the individuals in the video, please contact Antigo Police immediately.