PHOTO: Green Bay Police officer sends selfie to get back stolen phone

GREEN BAY, Wis. - A Green Bay Police officer helped a young woman recover her stolen phone in a hilarious way, and now a photo of it has gone viral on Facebook.

Dominic Junio, from De Pere, posted on Facebook that his friend Hannah Schroeder lost her phone at a gas station. A person found the phone and agreed to return it, but later told her she would have to pay to get it back and told them a place to meet.

"I was thinking, okay, maybe I should get the police on our side for this," Junio told NBC26.

Schroeder's brother is a Green Bay Police officer, and told them to call police. So, they called Green Bay PD and asked for officers to help them recover the phone.

After showing up to the meeting spot, one officer decided to do more. Officer Conley snapped a photo and texted it to the woman's stolen phone, saying, "Meet us or I will notify your PO about your shenanigans."

They were able to get the phone back.

"I think it was awesome because I'm sure they're busy guys and that might seem like a waste of time, but who knows what the guy could've tried to pull if they weren't there," said Junio. "Because of them it went very smoothly and I met an awesome cop out of it all too."

As of Tuesday, Junio's post on Facebook had nearly 1,000 shares and more than 4,200 likes.

See the original post from Junio below:

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