People gather for immigration rally in Appleton

Posted at 6:50 PM, Jun 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-23 19:50:43-04

Nearly 70 people showed up for a rally in Appleton this morning.The corner of Appleton Street and College Avenue was filled with signs and chants of protest for what is happening at the Nation’s border and the separation of families.

"This is unfair. They're kids, and we are fighting for our families,” said rally organizer Basilisa Hernandez.

She moved to the United States from Mexico 19 years ago. She said seeing children in cages, their parents detained or deported, upset her and motivated her to stand up for them.

"I’m a mom, and I don't want to imagine if somebody took my kids away from me. I would do everything for them,” said Hernandez.

Katie Reiser joined the protest on behalf of Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. She said the congregation is a sanctuary congregation, which means they open their doors to immigrants or immigrant families in need who might be facing deportation.

"Arguing that we should be treating human beings with dignity and respect, just the fact that we're even arguing that is just mind boggling to me,” said Reiser.

Both mothers said they are upset over what is happening, and that’s why they are standing together in protest.

"I’m horrified. I’m sickened,” Reiser said. “There’s a part of me that can't connect with their stories because I’m not an immigrant, so that's why I think I have to use my privilege to fight for their rights.”

“Kids are important. They are the future. We cannot pretend that nothing is happening when we know that those kids are suffering,” Hernandez added.

They said they will keep protesting until they see change.