Rosendale fIrst-grader wins national contest earning her a invite to a movie Premiere

Rosendale fIrst-grader wins national contest

ROSENDALE, Wis - A Rosendale first-grader earned an invitation to the Los Angeles premiere of the "Captain Underpants Movie" after winning a national competition. Lily Oldham won the trip for her and her Principal John Hokenson through the Scholastic Reading Club competition to promote their book-turned movie. The book centers around two fourth grade pranksters who hypnotize their principal and turn him into a superhero.  For the competition, Lily was asked to draw a picture of her principal as a superhero and describe why he is one.  Lily wrote “My principal is the coolest because he always gives high-fives to everyone, even teachers.”  Lily says she surprised she won and credits her words and not art work, “I used a comma to make my sentence longer,” she said.

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