Partners in Education: The adopters at Jefferson elementary

GREEN BAY, Wis. - From the ABC's to the 123's, students at Jefferson elementary in Green Bay, get a lesson from tutors, with the adopters program.

Emma Finch, a kindergartner at Jefferson, loves a game called the Alphabet Sequencing Puzzle game. 

"You only get three clues, two tries," said Finch.


Emma has learned the alphabet, and how to spell thanks to a little help from Doctor Mike, as the kids call him, who's part of the Jefferson adopters, a group of community volunteers, who teach students in classrooms everyday.

"It's an opportunity to tutor here, so I come one hour every morning," said Michael Phillips, the volunteer adopter, and retired doctor.

Dr. Mike said, he does it for the kids, and it's a rewarding experience. 

"These are the most colorblind kind, human beings you could ever meet," said Mike, "we work a little bit on numbers and letters, but we also talk about life and the importance of education and kindness."

Kindergartner Accardo Lewis McGinnis Jr. says he loves being with Dr. Mike!

"Everytime we come in, he be happy, I come here to learn" said McGinnis.

A win-win for students and the beloved Dr. Mike.

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