Partners in Education: Pennies for gold

GREEN BAY, Wis. - Loose change especially pennies, are sometimes thrown away or just ignored.  Students at Nicolet elementary school said it's similar to that of... gold.

"One of my students brought up the fact that in her Sunday school they collect pennies for some of their organization, so the kids started saying we could collect pennies too, so what are we gonna do with the pennies, and they said we could give it to the golden house because it happens to be a couple blocks from our school," said 3rd grade teacher Rebekah Taylor. 

The Golden House is a domestic abuse shelter, and the money raised will buy toys and gifts for moms for the holidays.

They raised, over $1,800, a record breaking year according to Taylor.

For these kids, it's not just blindly donating, they know the difference they are making in the community.

It's a gift for families in need but also a lesson in being kind, and compassionate.




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