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Partners in Education: Musical artists

Posted: 5:25 PM, Nov 15, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-15 18:25:21-05

Junior Jaime Renovato, has been playing the tuba since the 7th grade.

"I play the tuba, I play trombone, I play bass trombone, I play trumpet as well," said Renovato.

Just two years ago, Renovato began getting professional lessons, he said the sounds of the tuba is unlike any other instrument.

   Renovato said, "it brings out the boom, in a song, when you listen to an orchestra piece and it doesn't have a tuba, it's all elegant there isn't any clashes or booms, when you hear a tuba in an orchestra, you hear a slap pop!"

Maliq Mendez, a sophomore, is essentially following those same steps, he plays the trumpet.

"I didn't like any of the other instruments they had in the fifth grade" said Mendez.

His dreams go beyond high school, "I want to a be professional musician."

Senior and violinist, Brock Daumler, has played the violin since he was in the fifth grade, he said he understands the love of the string instrument, much more after learning about his family's history.

"My mom said oh your great grandfather used to play that, he was the principal violinist in the green bay symphony back when it was still around, and he was the conductor too back in the 50's," said Daumler.

But of course, like all of the great songs you hear, you can't forget the back beat of the drums.

"My parents always said it came naturally and everytime I sat at the drum kit, I felt home," said junior Jonah Christopherson.

The reason the students succeed, all of them agree it's simple, " sit down, and play, you're just filled with music here."