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Partners in Education: Horsing Around

Posted at 5:43 PM, Aug 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-02 18:43:15-04

Students are learning that horsing around is actually a good thing at Pulaski Middle school.

11 year old Spot Me Anywhere, is a mini horse, and along with being adorable, Spot's helping teach a class at Pulaski Middle School.

"The class really enjoys horses because they either have them at home, or they know someone who does.
    but whats neat is there are some students who haven't been around a real horse," said Brenda VanEnkevort, Spot's owner, and teacher.

4th grader, Ava Hanmann, said she looks forward to one particular day of the week.

"You get to meet horses on Fridays," said Hanmann.

But teacher said, it's not just fun, and horsing around, it's an enrichment class.

    "Building self confidence, and also teaching responsibility, tendancy to relax... it's interesting to see kids that have a hard time with extra energy, they quiet their body's down and it's just an amazing thing to watch," said teacher Christy Hutjens.

Teacher Melissa Hanmann, created this class.

"Horses are a passion of mine, one of my hopes would be some of the kids will learn and develop that passion as well, possibly finding out how wonderful horses are for our well being," said Melissa Hanmann.

A class that will get your kids excited and develop some important life skills.