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Partners in Education: Honoring their elders

Posted at 5:34 PM, May 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-31 18:34:18-04

The project is called "Honoring Elders" students tell the stories of senior citizens through photography. 

"The kids get to gather around and interview, photograph an elder, then they go back to school and kinda put it together in some sort of project, whether its a book or art show, newsletter format, we come back and we gift the project to the elders in the community," said Kara Counard, a photographer, and volunteer teacher.

For students at Baird elementary school in Green Bay, it's a time to take a moment, take a day, to dedicate to an older, wiser, generation.

    "We came here once and met all these amazing people, and decided to make books for them," said student Gracie Neurenberg, "you feel good knowing that you're making people feel happy, that don't always have people to talk to," she added.

These aren't just any books, they're specifically made for someone, these kids built a connection with, so put extra care adding a personalized touch.

"it makes me happy to have them enjoy other things from other people," said student Francisco Hernandez.

The elders said they feel special, "it's nice to be honored by these children, it makes a happy day for me and the group," said Marjorie Raab.

"You know they've done an excellent job, particularly the one they made up for me, I think that's the best one, and I really appreciate it," said Bob Bryan.
Compassion in the form of a scrapbook of sorts, that will make a lasting memory for both the kids and the seniors.