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Partners in Education: Hogwarts Class

Posted at 5:47 PM, Jul 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-19 18:47:00-04

"We're making broom sticks, magic wands, and things like that that can help the kids help explore the book, a little bit deeper," said teacher Brooke Sullzman.

This class started seven years ago, from an idea to incorporate Sullzman's favorite "book and movie" into the classroom.

"Just be able to explore this book a little more, JK Rowlings, and bring the book alive for the kids," said Sullzman.

Pace director Mark Heck says he's invited this idea for teachers to be creative and create their own class, 
 he said that's what makes their classes special.
"In pulaski I think we do very well, and it all stems from our philosophy that we have, one of the things we talk about is, it's always kids first and community so as long as everybody when doing things starting programs is doing that has that in mind, is usually going to be a great program," said Heck.

While it is a lot of fun Sulzmann, said the students are actually learning educational lessons.

"There's science, theres some technology, where the kids are building castles, and things like that out of cards, we have arts and engineering, and sometimes a little bit of math trying to figure the projects out," said Sullzman.

Third grader Maddoz Hill said his favorite part is making potions, and making lots of friends.