Partners in Education: Guitar scholarship for Freedom high school student

FREEDOM, Wis. - Olivia Harn, a sophomore at Freedom High School said, she hopes to make music that is of a positive note.

She's been playing for three years, and said "it's kind of everything."

Harn found out about a guitar giveaway and lessons for a year, from Tundraland, all she had to do was write an essay. Her essay was chosen, from a pool of 42 people.

She said she wrote about her inspiration and love of music. 

"My grandpa even made me more into it, a long long time ago, he got me a keyboard and uhm I've been doing it for a long time," said Harn.

Lori Maves, one of Harn's music teachers at Freedom, said she sees Harn's musical talents taking her far in life, "I'm hoping this gives her more confidence to go forward..." said Maves.

Confidence that will push Harn to follow her dreams of becoming a musician. 


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