Partners in Education donates $600 for flexible seating in classroom

De Pere, Wis -

Gone are the days of one fits all in education; in Mary Bixby's 3rd grade classroom students choose their own seat. Bixby started adding floor seats, bean bags and stools to her classroom a few years ago, "Everyone loves to move," said Bixby. "I started small and added a few seats like exercise balls into the classroom and then just kept adding things and watching the kids become more engaged in their learning and wanting to do more," she added.

Students recognizing a difference in their focus right away, "I feel like I learned a lot more," said Carlee Budinger. Her classmate, Owen Sampe seeing a difference in his math work, "I usually get them done faster."

Bixby says she's found flexible seating is also helping students get to know each other better.

To help add more options the Shopko Foundation and NBC26 donated $600 to the classroom for standing options.

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