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Partners in Education: Denmark Bees

Posted at 5:37 PM, Sep 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-28 18:37:11-04

7th grader Bradley Nellis loves bees.

"They're just a fascinating creature, they work together in a hive to create massive structures to them, and produce honey," said Nellis.

Standing close to the bee pod with no fear, Nellis said bees in these specially designed pods are very docile. 

"They don't come at you or land on you, we have bees at our house, we have boxes, and if we were this close they'd be landing on you and stinging you," said Nellis.

Teacher Mellisa Dupke, said it was a collaborative effort to bring the bee pod to the school.

"We purchased the bee pod by raising funds, and getting donation from the community our alliance club gave us a donation, and we had some other organizations donate money," said Dupke.

But Dupke said they still owed $500, to pay off the pod, that's when the Shopko Foundation came in to help fill the gap, "the rest of the money will be used for equipment for harvesting the honey for processing the honey so we are able to take the next step," said Dupke.

Most students in the Denmark community will be able to participate in keeping up with the bees!