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Partners in Education: Cooking Class

Posted at 5:33 PM, Nov 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-01 18:44:29-04

Sugar, eggs, and milk, 7th grade students at Kaleidascope Academy, are learning how to make Wisconsin state fair cream puffs.

"We had a two day project, last monday we made the dough, today we made the cream," said 7th grader Shayna Williamson.

Williamson, said there are many reasons why this is her favorite class.

"Learning new things about Wisconsin, and probably working with my friends, and I love my teacher," said Williamson.

That teacher, is Kelly Abel, she said it's a joy to see her students have a passion for cooking.

"It's just something different from other classes, it's very hands on, its very social, it's an elective so they chose to come here, so they can choose to come here, I love cooking and I love giving them the passion to cook at home, and the skills and confidence to do that," said Abel.

Alex Allar, an 8th grade student, who's taken Abel's class for multiple years said, "my favorite part about this class, is definitely the cooking but another very important part about this class is learning about careers, businesses, and such and also food borne illnesses, I think that's very important that ties in with the cooking."

Here's a link to the recipe.