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Partners in Education: Clay clay clay class

Posted at 5:36 PM, Jul 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-12 18:36:53-04

We have fifth through high school and they're able to come in and explore clay ceramic medium in art, said art teacher Linsey Przybylski.
Just for the summer, she's introducing students to this class called, "Clay clay clay."

"They have a couple prompted projects they're going to do, and uhm experience with paint glaze, and clay," said Przybylski.

This isn't just a "fun class" it taps into a student's creative side and even "problem solving" skills, said Przybylski.
"I prompt them with a project but ultimately every project has it's ups and downs, so they kind of have to work through the medium and how they can successfully create." 

Creating a project that's one of a kind, a letter project.

"iI's a slab built design, where they made a clay base, and made a little clay wall, as if you're making a wooden box," said Przybylski.

The point of the project was to pick either yourself or someone very special to you and use their first initial.. 
Mia moder said  it's an easy pick.

"I'm making an initial for my mom," said Moder.

"She's kind of always been there for me, so i always think it's always fun to do stuff for her because she's going to appreciate it," Moder said.

This class has given her the freedom to truly be creative.ven noting her new appreciation for "art"
I love art, i signed up for an art class which i'm really excited about.

    So not just a summer class but art.