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Partners in Education: Breast Cancer family foundation teaching cancer prevention to students

Posted: 11:32 AM, Oct 05, 2018
Updated: 2018-10-05 12:32:01-04

Eighth grade students at Edison Middle School in Green Bay, are learning to lower their risk of cancer.

"We talk about cancer awareness, what cancer is, where it comes from /// we also talk about lifestyle, things that they're doing right now that can impact cancer risks later in life, the environment we're in what we're eating, if they're getting enough exercise, if we're smoking, vaping, all of those things come in to play," said Carese Walczyk, a community education with the organization. 

Walczyk, visits different school in Northeast Wisconsin, she hopes to reach 15,000 kids.

"At this age, they're so impressionable, and they havent' settled into those really solid habits yet, if we can teach them to modify their habits now it'll be easier for them growing up," said Walczyk.

Students also appreciate the interactive presentations, Preston Schenk, an eighth grader at the school said "One of those things was tobacco" and classmate Tyler Wilson said "I learned the sun, can be a big cause of it, and I'll be wearing lots of sunscreen from now on, I didn't use to at all."

Shopko Foundation helping students like Tyler and Preston to learn ways to lower their risk of developing various cancers.

For more information on the Breast Cancer Family Foundation click here.