Partners in Education: Bay Port Students engineer dragon stage prop

Engineered with moveable joints, the dragon comes to life on stage.  A group of 13 students from Bay Port High School’s theater, art and engineering departments collaborated to create the dragon. The engineering side is really a core group of three students that took over; developed the structure. It was a lot of leadership and it was really fantastic to sit back and really sometimes take pictures of it,” said visual arts teacher Todd Richardson.

It took students about 2 months to develop and build the dragon. “We would fix one problem and the next problem would start," said Richardson.  Team work and hard work helped students solve the problems and get it stage ready.  “My hope is the audience can see the amazing talents of every single kid up there and that all these talents are different but all the different talents come together to create something that is magical,” said Executive Director Jaclyn Beattie.

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