Partners in Education: Avid helps students become champions of their own education

Partners in Education: Avid inspiring Students

GREEN BAY, Wis - Students at Edison Middle School in Green Bay are learning to advocate for themselves through Avid. Avid stand for Advancement via Individual success and push students to plan for the future. Jason Keller says class time focuses on figuring out how to take away barriers students’ face, “Most of the low grades we see in middle school are because a student took something home they stuck it in their backpack and then it disappeared forever," said Keller.

Students learn tips to stay organized and better note taking skills that build their confidence “Avid is a family it's not just a college readiness program we really focus on the environment in the classroom and that ability to come in and be comfortable challenging yourself with things you are not good at and then comfortable with helping other with things you are good at," said Keller. 

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